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The collection of Nande Quartz Stone Designs brings together a range of timeless classic designs with an array of colours from stunning whites to beautifully blended neutral colours and tones or the beauty of a rich designs. Our annual new product launches continue the exquisite appearance, while incorporating intricate textures and fashionable choices, giving the quartz stone panel a vivid and natural visual effect. Lead the trend in the stone industry.
Aristo Collection
Aristo designs represent the highest technological achievements Montagelio Surfaces has made in the industry, we reproduce the most expensive and unique natural stones in the world with the most advanced high-tech, they become an art of the industry and human aesthetics.
quartz slabs5300  Galaxy Bianco Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs5302 Nebula Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs5711  Azul Macaubas Quartz Surfaces
Luxio Collection
Luxio designs offer the combination of high-end natural stones and advanced technology with a bold personality and visual impact, they are structured by strong veins, clouded movement and more complex details, bring us classic elegance and new view on modern space.
quartz slabs5135 Statuario Gioia Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs5136 Calacatta Mona Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs5137 Skyline Quartz Stone Surfaces
quartz slabs5138 Calacatta Vatino Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs5139 Calacatta Vecchia Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs5237 Statuario Rosa Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs5210  Calcutta Imperio Quartz Stone
quartz slabs5219  Calcutta Caldia Quartz Stone
quartz slabs5222  Calcutta Manhattan Quartz
quartz slabs5230  Statuary Vena Quartz Stone
quartz slabs5310  Statuary Dias Quartz Stone
quartz slabs5331  Empire Gray (Leather) Quartz
Classic Collection
Classical designs like Cararra, limestone and so on, they are concise designs with structure combined with light veins and cloud veins, bring people clean and soft feelings, also a great choice with  good price level and less fabrication waste.
quartz slabs5102  Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs5103  Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs5170  Antico Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs5171 Antico Golden lines Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs5113  Milano Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs5160  Poloris Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs5312  London Gray Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs7117  Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs7118  Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs9210 Calacatta Quartz Surfaces
Calacatta Series
Natural marble texture and earthy tones are the main design elements of this series
quartz slabs9326 Calacatta Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs9406 Calacatta Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs9310 Calacatta Quartz Surfaces
Natural Series
The beautiful veining of this series convey a unique pattern within their designs
quartz slabs6001 Quartz Stone Surfaces
quartz slabs6102 Organic White Quartz Surfaces
quartz slabs6301 Quartz Stone Surfaces
Pure Collection
Stable Out-put with mass-production, rich color range covered white, black, gray, and particle elements. Great choice for large commercial space and projects with competitive price and less fabrication waste.
quartz slabs1000 Super White Quartz Stone
quartz slabs1001 Pure White Quartz Stone
quartz slabs1301 Classico Series Quartz Stone
quartz slabs1207 Classico Series Quartz Stone
quartz slabs1208 White Small Grain Quartz Stone
quartz slabs2001 Classico Series Quartz Stone
quartz slabs2002 Snow White Quartz Stone
quartz slabs3001 White with glass and mirrors Quartz Stone
quartz slabs3004 Black with glass and mirrors Quartz Stone


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