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8211  Imperial Danae

Imperial Danae creates a scene that the brown and gray veins like the wind flow through the sky and the leaves are blown up with the wind, fly with it.

Color code : ND8211  Imperial Danae

Series : Classic Collection

Rich texture detail , Unique-design, High-quality Quartz Surfaces

Slab Sizes :
3200mm X 1600mm (63" X 126") - Jumbo

Thickness available: 20mm, 30mm

Surface Finish : Polished

3200X1600X20mm = 250 kg per slab
3200X1600X30mm = 370 kg per slab

Package : Slabs by wooden bundle

Imperial Danae creates a scene that the brown and gray veins like the wind flow through the sky and the leaves are blown up with the wind, fly with it.

Classical designs like Cararra, limestone and so on, they are concise designs with structure combined with light veins and cloud veins, bring people clean and soft feelings, also a great choice with  good price level and less fabrication waste.

NANDE Calacatta Series Quartz Stone has unique marble-inspired designs, with subtle or bold features, and each design has a different aesthetic. They have a classic white base and intricate nature-inspired veining. They have broad gray textures and soft white base colors, and are enriched by delicate background textures.

Our annual new product launches continue the exquisite appearance, while incorporating intricate textures and fashionable choices, giving the quartz stone panel a vivid and natural visual effect. Lead the trend in the stone industry.

NANDE Calacatta Series Quartz Stone is an understanding and interpretation of natural Calacata marble, continuing the white background of fish maw and extending a large area of ​​elegantly layered gray lines. Derived from natural Calacata, while maintaining the outstanding physical properties of quartz stone.

- Advantages

Quartz artificial stone solid surface can resist stain, heat and scratch and hard as granite. Therefore it will not stain like marble or granite and it will not warp or burn like other solid plastic surfaces. It is managed to retain a certain measure of flexure, and will not chip or break.

- Maintenance Free

Due to its physical characteristics, Quartz artificial stone is a maintenance-free material on the market. It is easy to clean with soap and water or an over-the-counter cleaner. It does not require the use of sealers or impregnators.

-Applications and Color

Customized kitchen top, work top, table top, countertop, vanity top, window sill, floor tile, wall tile, etc.

- Environmental friendly

The artificial quartz stone / solid surface is composed of around 93% natural quartz, including recycled glass and recycle stone


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